Dust coverage

Dust coverage.

So basically I building robot to clean the solar panels however, I am struggle to understand that the situation in Australia and the weather over there, we need to find previous experiments on dust coverage on solar panels (independent variable) and deduce the output efficiency loss (dependent variable).

If we can make this quantifiable in SI Units that would be awesome.

The tricky part I think is quantifying the dust coverage.


finding quantifiable data will be difficult for a few reasons.

1- we need to find out about these statistics here in Australia the solar any study from solar form second if we do not have any study we can use another study or statics that have the same environment at NSW Australia

1. Dust is dependent on location in terms of amount, wind category or “type” (I.e red sand in the outback might have different effects compared to agricultural dust in terms of coverage)

2. “Dust coverage” isn’t just that, it could a combination of fuel, animal droppings or similar objects which makes finding a study difficult (if you can’t find much with dust have a look at ‘soiling losses’ )

3. Those soiling losses are usually found/investigated by companies that will be responsible for signing contracts with clients so it may not be fully disclosed online (not saying it will not be online, but it might be difficult)

Dust coverage


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