Early Education

Early Education.

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It’s important for professionals in early education to be familiar with the professional organizations in their chosen field. To understand professional organizations, consider a pediatrician. She or he may be a member of the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American Pediatric Society/Society for Pediatric Research, just to name a few. As a parent, wouldn’t you want to be sure your pediatrition is a member of one of these organizatons to be sure he/she is up to date on the latest research?

All of these professional organizations provide resources for the betterment of the field, and they all publish at least one professional journal (the AMA actually publishes 10 or more). The information in a professional journal differs from that in a popular information source because any article being submitted that reports new research findings or proposes a new theoretical framework must undergo a review process. The article is sent by the editors to 2-3 professionals in the field (peers) with expertise in the same content area that’s covered in the article up for review. This is considered “professional” information. Alternatively, articles, books or websites that have not undergone a peer-review process are considered “popular” information. Professional information sources are typically more reliable than popular information sources.

For this assignment, you will spend time researching professional organizations that are related to the field of early childhood education. You will choose one organization that produces a professional journal and do some more in-depth research by taking notes on the organization’s position statements, conferences, training opportunities, events, etc. In a 2-3 page essay, please include the following information:

A description of the organization – what did you learn when researching the organization’s website?
Describe what this organization may offer you as a student/professional in the field. List their journals.
When writing this essay, you should make sure that your descriptions and explanations make it possible for an uninformed reader to understand what you’re talking about. That means you’d want to include an introductory paragraph that explains the purpose of the assignment and introduces the organization that you selected.

3. After you complete the first portion of the assignment, you’ll go one step further and review and read several articles from the organization’s professional journal. In the form of an annotated bibliography, describe at least one article, and cite the article in proper APA style format.

To see how to construct an annotated bibliography go to Write an Annotated Bibliography resource. You can use the resources provided by the ESC Online Library to learn more about APA style formatting.

For grading details, please refer to the attached M2 Written Assignment Rubric.

These are the 3 citations:

Feeney, S. (2012). Professionalism in early childhood education: Doing our best for young children. Boston: Pearson. Chapter 3.

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Early Education


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