Educational Psychology: Developing Learners

Educational Psychology: Developing Learners.

USE TEXTBOOK  as source to obtain information ONLY!!!!! DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCE
Answer question to topic CLEARLY and FULLY , expressing understanding  from what you read in the textbook.
Educational Psychology: Developing Learners
Jeanne Ellis Ormrod, Eric M. Anderman & Lynley Anderman, 2017
ISBN.13: 978-0-134-02726-5
Choose ONE topic below:
1.Dr. Carey gives a variety of achievement and aptitude tests to 1000 ten-year-old children from Southside Elementary School and 1000 ten-year-old children from Northside Elementary School. On average, the Southside students perform better on the tests than the Northside students. Dr. Carey concludes that teachers at Southside are superior to those at Northside. Is this conclusion warranted? Why or why not?
2.Choose a particular grade level and discuss three important implications of Piaget’s theory for teaching students at this grade level. State three points both in abstract terms and in terms of specific educational practices an educator should employ.
3.One of your students, Janet, seems to go out of her way to make other children feel bad. Sometimes she spreads malicious, untrue rumors about people. Sometimes she convinces some of her classmates to snub others by ignoring them, excluding them from group activities, and so on. With Janet’s behavior in mind: a. Determine whether she is displaying primarily physical, psychological, or relational aggression. b. Determine whether she is displaying proactive or reactive aggression. c. Drawing on what psychologists have learned about the underlying cognitive causes of aggression, identify three possible reasons why Janet may be acting so aggressively.

Educational Psychology: Developing Learners


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