Effort Estimation Exercise

Effort Estimation Exercise.



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1. The size (that is, the effort needed to complete it) of any task will depend on its characteristics. The units into which the work is divided will also differ. Identify the factors affecting the size of the task and the work units for the following activities:
• installing computer workstations in a new office
• transporting assembled personal computers from the factory where they were assembled to warehouses distributed in different parts of the country
• typing in and checking the correctness of data that is populating a new data base
• System testing a newly written software application
(10 Marks)

2. If you were asked as an expert to provide an estimate of the effort needed to make certain changes to an existing piece of software, what information would you like to have to hand to assist you in making that estimate? (2Marks)

3. A small application maintains a telephone directory. The database for the application contains the following data types:

Staff reference
Department code
Room number
Telephone extension
E-mail address
Fax number

Transactions are needed which:
i) set up new entries;
ii) amend existing entries
iii) delete entries
iv) allow enquirers to list on line the details for a particular member of staff
v) produce a complete listing of the telephone directory entries in alphabetical order

a) Use this scenario to produce an estimated Mark II FP count. List all the assumptions you will need to make. (10 Marks)

b) Another requirement could be to produce the listing in (v) in departmental order. In your view should this increase FP count and if so by how much? (2 Marks)

4. The following details are held about previously developed software modules.

module inputs entity types accessed outputs days
a 1 2 10 2.60
b 10 2 1 3.90
c 5 1 1 1.83
d 2 3 11 3.50
e 1 3 20 4.30
A new module has 7 inputs, one entity type access and 7 outputs. Which of the modules a to e is the closest analogy in terms of Euclidean distance? (3 Marks)

5. Using the data in further exercise 4 above, calculate the Simons Mark II FPs for each module. Using the results, calculate the effort needed for the new module described in exercise 4. How does this estimate compare to the one based on analogy? (13 Marks)

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Effort Estimation Exercise


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