Emergency department

Emergency department.

Consider yourself as part of a team responsible for managing the operations of an emergency
department of a public hospital. The emergency department has received feedback from patients
suggesting that the patient wait times need to be improved. The value stream map of the current
operations is shown in the attached diagram.
The Value Stream Map is can be Found via the Assessment Link.
You have been tasked with improving patient turnaround time by reducing the current time to
half. To complete the task you are required to identify the various System Archetypes that affect
the operations of the hospital and the emergency department itself and based on the archetypes,
develop a future State Value Stream Map of the emergency department.
It is recommended that you identify and critically analyse intended and unintended
consequences, recommending holistic solutions that will optimise the operations of the
emergency department without compromising the performance of other functions of the
Suggested format: Your Written Report should include the following sections and sub-sections.
Cover Page (Subject Name & Code, Assessment No., Student Name and Surname, Student
Number, Lecturer, Year and Trimester)
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
1. Introduction/Background
2. Main Discussion
2.1. Identification and analysis of the System Archetypes that may impede
2.2. Analysis of the current State Value Stream Map of the emergency
department based on System Archetypes
2.3. Recommended new State Value Stream Map with desired reduction in
patient turnaround time
2.4. Discussion on Intended and unintended consequences of the modified

Emergency department


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