Ethical issues when conducting assessments online

Ethical issues when conducting assessments online.

Choose an issue related to psychometric assessment discussed throughout the course (e.g., test fairness; Flynn effect; assessment for learning disabilities) and write a paper on this issue.
Your course instructor will support you as you identify areas of interest, find appropriate resources, and hone the ideas into a paper. If you are looking for a paper topic or unsure if your topic is too broad or specific, please consult with your course instructor. Ensure you begin your paper early enough to consult with your course instructor. Note that the throughout the online course material, possible paper topics have been highlighted at the end of each module.
Drawing on at least five (5) academic sources (e.g., journal articles), discuss the controversies and considerations surrounding this assessment issue. Note that part of your grade is on the quality of your sources–if you do not have good reference material, you can’t have strong content! Ensure you use appropriate psychometric vocabulary and, if relevant, draw on specific theories or specific psychological tests discussed throughout the course.
The assignment should be approximately 7-8 pages, double spaced (not including references or title page). Follow APA format.
The assignments will be graded according to the following criteria:
Writing Style and Organization
APA format /7
Demonstration of knowledge of issue from all perspectives
Quality of reference/resource material
Demonstration of theoretical understanding
Adequate discussion of controversies
Understanding common tests employed in assessment area /18

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Ethical issues when conducting assessments online


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