Etiology of the sexual acting out behavior

Etiology of the sexual acting out behavior.



Choose one of the following movies from the list below. Decide on one of the characters (preferably one struggling with difficulties acting out sexually such as offending or other problematic sexual behaviors) Movie choices The Accused (1988); Dolores Claiborne (1995); Happiness (1998); L.I.E. (2001); Talk to Her (2001); In the Cat (2003); Monster (2003); Capturing the Friedmans (2003); Mystic River (2003); The Woodsman (2004); Bad Education (2004); Crash (2004); Basic Instinct; Hard Candy (2005); The Summer of ’42.

Chose a character from the movie and analyze:
a) Likely etiology of the sexual acting out behavior
b) Sexual offender typology that you believe fit this particular offender
c) Other clinically relevant information – what else might be going on with this offender? Other treatment issues or considerations that may be relevant to the deviant sexual behavior?
d) What risk factors would need to be considered?
e) Discuss latest research findings associated with the disorder (locate 5 peer reviewed journal articles that are relevant to your client’s problems) and a forensic population and incorporate these into the assignment;
f) Discuss intervention strategies and evidence based practices that would likely be most helpful given the difficulties the client is presenting with as well as the forensic component. Develop a presentation PowerPoint with your findings, with notes on the slides.

Goal of presentation:
Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of sexual offending across the developmental lifespan. • Select screening and intervention practices appropriate for clients with a history of sexually offending. • Identify risk and protective factors associated with sexual offending. • Interpret the role of co-occurring disorders and cognitive impairments in sexually offending. • Examine the impact of offender registration, civil commitment, and community notification on sex offenders in the community. • Analyze and evaluate research findings in sexual offending.






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Etiology of the sexual acting out behavior


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