Evaluation Data Analysis( diabetes campaign)

Evaluation Data Analysis( diabetes campaign).


This assignment will include writing up the results of a t-test and some qualitative data related to your
objectives and process evaluation. Select one key objective to address (I advise dividing up your objective
amongst you to make sure you cover them all. Also, include some qualitative data related to your process
evaluation. For the objective, you’ll have to identify which t-test is appropriate given the evaluation design. You
can use data I provide or your(my) data.
Include the following in the report:
1. Write up the objective
2. Describe the steps used to create a scale/index (including reliability)
3. Report the t-test results in text.
4. Discuss whether the objective was achieved; add interpretations of whether your campaign was successful
(1-2 sentences)
5. Identify the process evaluation question addressed (qualitative question)
6. Include results of thematic analysis of the responses including example quotes
7. In an appendix, include the SPSS output related to the steps for addressing your objective (reliability,
computing new variable, t-test). Copy and paste into word
Steps 1-6 should only be 1 to 1 1/2 pages max (it is meant to be an efficient and do the point analysis)
for my teacher :
I have a few questions about Evaluation Data Analysis :
1- Does it needs to be linked to all of the mini assignment that I have already submitted?
It can be based on my data set or can be your own based on the evaluation of your own campaign.
2- My focus would be on my diabetes campaign or something else?
I assume you should focus on diabetes since that is what you have been doing.




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Evaluation Data Analysis( diabetes campaign)


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