Evaluation Framework

Evaluation Framework.

Use the library and reliable internet resources to conduct research about DICE framework for assessing the likely success of a project. DICE framework was developed by Boston Consulting Group. Refer to The Hard Side of Change Management: How to Beat the Odds in Program Execution for more information.

Then read the following short field report for XYZ Co.

An electronics manufacturer, XYZ Co., is concerned with the quality of a new product line. There is a need to evaluate and fix its manufacturing rework rate and yield loss for one of the product lines.

The Quality Assurance department initiated a change project to achieve the improvements. A team comprised of engineers from the Quality Assurance department was assembled to assess the current state and conduct necessary process fixes.

The operations manager endorsed the project. The manufacturing area managers are not supportive of the project because the initiative of change comes from a quality assurance function. They believe if it is successful their credibility will be compromised.

Production line operators are not motivated for change since it means more uncertainty for them, more efforts to adjust to a new work process with the same pay rate and probably more work.

The process improvement team leader is a smart engineer, but he does not have strong organizational skills. The team meetings are held irregularly. The team leader tends to avoid potential conflict with manufacturing managers.

One project progress review by senior managers was held last month. Team members are involved in other projects and are overloaded, as are most of the employees in the company.

Using the information provided, write a 500-word report addressing the following:
1. Based on DICE methodology, evaluate the chances that the project will be successful. Justify your evaluation.
2. Formulate your recommendations to improve the chances of project success, if applicable.

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Evaluation Framework


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