Experience Working With Consultants

Experience Working With Consultants.

The assignment is in 3 parts which can be about 500 words each and the assignment is as follows:Experience Working With Consultants Part 1
Based on your experience as an IT professional in management or experience in a specific niche area of expertise, what are some of the initial reactions or concerns a team or team members would experience when a consultant first comes on board in an organization? Are these founded concerns? Why or why not? Have you seen teams sabotage a consultant? If so, please share your story or experiences. What was the outcome?
2 SourcesManaging Consultants Part 2
Suppose that you assume the role of manager in an IT organization bringing in consultants. What are some ways you can alleviate the concerns of team members about the role of the consultant? What are some things to do long before the consultant comes on board to be sure everyone understands the goals of the business and the IT team, and how consultants may augment the team? If your plan is to reduce the headcount through the use of consultants, will you let your team know? Why or why not? How will you set the agenda for the consultant?
2 SourcesContractor Versus Employee Decision-Making Part 3
For this discussion, assume you are working in a position of leadership in an IT group within a business. You have the option to either hire a consultant to work on specific projects, or hire a new individual into the department. What are the upsides and downsides to contracting with a consultant? What are the upsides and downsides to hiring a new staff member? What are some of the factors that may help you make the contract or hire decision?
2 Sources

Experience Working With Consultants


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