Exploring the impact of large business on agriculture. Exploring the impact of advertising on the US food voice/culture.

Exploring the impact of large business on agriculture. Exploring the impact of advertising on the US food voice/culture..

I’m studying for my Cultural Studies class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?Objectives of the research paper: Students will explore the changing food culture in the United States (US), New York State (NYS), New York City (NYC) and abroad by:Exploring the impact of large business on agriculture.
Exploring the impact of advertising on the US food voice/culture.
Exploring the origins, and philosophy of the Slow Food Movement and its impact in the US.
Exploring the Farm to Table Initiative in NYS/NYC.
Exploring food insecurity in the NYS/NYC.
IMPORTANT: Students must RESEARCH the following topics by answering the prompts below. The final research paper must include:Facts/ data/ information to support the statements made in the paper.
The sources of the facts/ data/ information used in the paper
The sources within the body of the paper and at the end on the Reference page.
The paper should be approximately 6 to 8 pages
Explore the influence of big business on agriculture.
Monsanto Corporation is a major Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) seed supplier in the world. Explain the controversy (pros and cons) that surrounds the GMO seeds produced by Monsanto. Explain Monsanto’s monopoly on the sale of seeds to farmers in US and abroad, and it’s impact on farmers. (3/4 page)
Identify the regulatory agency and explain the legal requirements that must be followed for a farm to produce organic foods. (½ page)
Discuss what is meant by heirloom foods. Explain why farmers stopped producing heirloom foods? Why are heirloom foods regaining popularity? (½ page)
Do you support the business practices of Monsanto or the practices of farmers growing organic and heirloom foods? Explain your answer. (½ page)
Explore the major food companies in shaping the food voice/culture of the US:
Choose one of the following companies: Kraft, Smithfield Farms, or General Mills and discuss the history (name of the founder, location of the company, how the company expanded, and year originated) ( ½page)
Answer the prompts below for your chosen food company: General Mills; Smithfield Farms; or Kraft Foods (1 ½ pages) (Answer in complete sentences)
Two major foods sold
The target audience for each food identified above
Explain how foods are regulated and processed at the company you selected
Compare this process to the regulations of the USDA for organic food production
Provide an overview of the Slow Food Movement:The Slow Food Movement began in Italy. What year did it begin and who started it? What were the Italian people protesting? What did the people eat during the protest to show their dissatisfaction with what was happening? (½ page)
The Concept of Conviviality is the basic philosophy of the Slow Food Movement. Explain what is meant by the Concept of Conviviality? (½ page)
Provide data to demonstrate the popularity of the Slow Food Movement in the world, the US, and NY? (½ page)
Provide an overview of the Farm to Table initiative:Governor Cuomo held a summit in 2014 to discuss the many Farm to Table initiatives in NYS to support farmers and the access of healthy food by consumers. Explain the components of the following programs: (1 ½ pages)(Answer in complete sentences)
Taste New York.
FreshConnect, Fresh Food Box
Farm to Institutions in NYS (FINYS)
Explain how the Farm to Table initiatives complement the objectives of the Slow Food Movement. (½ page)
Provide an overview of food insecurity in the NYC:Explain what is meant by the following terms: food insecurity, food bank, and food desert.
(½ page)Explain the basic principle of the Supplemental Food and Nutrition Program (SNAP) also known as Food Stamps. How many people participate in SNAP in NYC? How many SNAP participants in NYC are estimated to be children 18 years old and younger? ( ½ page)
LaGuardia Cares is a program available at LaGuardia Community College: Explain the basic services of LaGuardia Cares. Specifically explain the resources that LaGuardia Cares provides to the college community regarding food security? (½ page)
Reflection: After completing this paper, what topic did you find the most interesting? Explain as if you were writing it to a classmate? What impact did this topic have on your food voice or on the way you see food? (1 page)
The paper must be typed: 12 font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1” margins, and presented neatly. The page length for each topic is a guide. The total length of the paper should be approximately 8 pages long. Details of the paper and what is expected is further explained in the attachment below.Requirements: 8

Exploring the impact of large business on agriculture. Exploring the impact of advertising on the US food voice/culture.


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