Eye of the Storm Discussion

Eye of the Storm Discussion.





The link for the “Eye of the Storm” documentary is here:
Below are the discussion questions for the Eye of the Storm documentary. See the Chapter 2 Outline on Canvas in the “Modules” section for the definitions of each concept. You must answer all three questions to receive full credit for the activity. . Go ahead and reply to the discussion thread on Canvas under the “Discussions” tab and then click “Submit” once you are finished. Each answer only needs to be a paragraph or so.

Discussion Questions

Using the concepts of self-concept and self-esteem find one example from the film The Eye of the Storm that illustrates how the eye color experiment affected the children’s self perception and/or performance for better or for worse. Explain briefly how it relates to their self-concept and self-esteem.
Reflected Appraisals refer to the ways we establish our self-concept based on the way we believe others perceive us. Using this concept, share a specific example from the documentary that demonstrates how the children experienced this phenomenon.
Find one example from the documentary of a superior social comparison and one example of an inferior social comparison. Explain briefly how each example represents the given concept.

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Eye of the Storm Discussion


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