Facilities, Equipment, Space

Facilities, Equipment, Space.


You are planning for a biorepository resource in a teaching community hospital. The biorepository resource will
be developed as part of the Pathology department and there is a designated space, where you will have one
Liquid Nitrogen storage system, two Liquid Nitrogen cylinders, two Mechanical Ultra-Low Freezers (-86°C), one
biological hazard cabinet, benches for small lab equipment, working surfaces for personnel and a cubicle for
the Biorepository manager.
To ensure the safe keeping of the material stored, support the equipment employed, and provide a safe and
effective working environment for the repository staff, you read ISBER best practices recommendations for
facilities (Section B: Facilities) and realize that you need to prepare proposals and make appointments with the
directors/managers of the following departments:
Department of Grounds and Facilities with the following requests:
i. Optimization of flooring, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
ii. To connect major equipment to emergency power
iii. Connect Ultra-low Freezers to the 24/7 monitoring system of the hospital
iv. Installation of alarm systems
v. Plan for the supply of Liquid Nitrogen
The Fire Marshal
The Biosafety officer of the hospital (list the biohazard and safety concerns that you will have to address)
The Department of Biomedical Engineering/biomedical equipment to plan for the necessary monitoring devices
(Low Oxygen monitoring device), Freezer’s temperature monitoring devices
Please provide justification based on ISBER Best Practices for Repositories (Section B: Facilities and Section
C: Equipment) for each one of your requests to the respective department. (25 points)

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Facilities, Equipment, Space


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