FE Analysis and Design Optimization of Mechanical Structural systems

FE Analysis and Design Optimization of Mechanical Structural systems.

CAMD: Computer-Aided Mechanical Design
Project (2020 SPR Semester)
Group: Students are encouraged to build their own groups normally up to 5. Each group should have a group leader responsible for organizing group meeting and final submission.
Due date: Project Report is due by 11:59 PM, 27 Oct 2020.
Submit your final group project report (including names and student IDs of all the group members in the -Subject- title of your report), via UTS online submission system.
Note: Submit your final group project report by the due date. Any late submissions may be accepted with the consideration of a reasonable penalty.
Topic: FE Analysis and Design Optimization of Mechanical Structural systems
Generally, any engineering applications, or numerical examples provided that the FEM and/or Design Optimization (e.g. topological optimization) techniques are involved are acceptable.
Hence you may freely choose and devise your own design problem for your group project, related to this topic in a general sense (e.g. numerical examples or practice-based engineering design problems). However, the problem you choose should be based on the knowledge you have gained from the practices of our assignments, lecture notesand lab tutorials of this Subject.
You may apply Finite Element Method and Design Optimization techniques to any structural mechanical components as a numerical or a practice-based design problem of your own choice, with appropriate geometric dimensions, loads and constraints, as well as simulation and optimization parameters. You may complete this project individually or normally in group up to 5.
This Project should take a typical group up to 35 hours to complete. It is noted that this project can either be completed using Matlab to develop your own codes, or any commercial software tools like ANSYS, Solidworks, Catia or Creo for any real-world engineering problems.
Upon the completion, submit one final project report per group, which contributes 30 marks. The report must contain a statement detailing the contributions of all individual group members, signed by all members of the group. Each group should have a group leader for the submission of your final report, and the group leader will confirm the contribution of each group member.
Basically, your report should include (but not limited to) the following aspects:
(1) Problem description and statement
(2) Finite element procedures and analysis details, including CAD model
(3) Design optimization (design variables; objective function; constraints), and details
(4) Matlab codes with detailed explanations, if you use Matlab
(5) Results and discussions, as well as conclusions
Note: We would carefully investigate the overall quality of the project, and the final marks depend on the nature and complexity of your mechanical analysis and design problem.

FE Analysis and Design Optimization of Mechanical Structural systems


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