Film Business

Film Business.



Use this file in input your answers. Please include citation and any excel files with same name format as below.
Please name file Chapter 02 Homework Mission Statement and Productivity_yourlastname.doc
Chapter 2 Homework Assignment
Part 1.

For your product or service, pick a firm.

1. Find Adidas’s Mission Statement and analyze if it meets the requirements that we have covered in the class.
i. What is business be will the firm in?
ii. Who will the customers be and what are their expected attributes?
iii. How will the firm’s basic beliefs define the business?

2. Determine if Adidas is conducting Environmental Scanning. (Hint: Look at their Annual Report on their website.)
Environmental scanning: monitoring the external environment for changes and trends to determine business opportunities and threats.
Types: Marketplace trends. Economic trends, political trends, social trends

3. What are the Adidas’s Core Competencies?
Options to choose from and describe with few sentences on why you chose that:
a. Workforce highly trained
b. Facilities flexible in producing a variety of products
c. Market understanding skilled in understanding customer wants
d. Financial know-how skilled in attracting and raising capital
e. Technologies use of latest production technology

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Film Business


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