Final Essay 6

Final Essay 6.

Choose One: At first glance, one of the essays might seem like “more work” than the other. Each type of Analysis is different but one is not necessarily more difficult than the other. You should choose according to the type of evaluation you feel most comfortable with, and your interest in the topic. The Essays are graded in terms of their specific method of evaluation. Final Essay 1: CONSTRUCTING AN OPINION POLL On the Death Penalty Final Essay 2: EVALUATION OF AN ARGUMENT FROM ANALOGY “The Moral Permissibility of Abortion”
Final Essay 3: CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF AN ARTICLE “The Ethics of Belief” Using Diagramming or Standardization And Answering Critical Questions Recommendations in choosing an option: Essay 1: Opinion Poll You do not need to conduct a poll, only plan a poll. The most important part of this critical essay is coherence. If you were to plan a party, you might have a theme, an objective, or a goal. The fact that a large number of people attend the party does not necessarily make the party a success. Similarly, a plan for the poll has many different parts and details that should work to support the theme, objective, or goal. Large numbers do not make it successful, but too small numbers do not help either. The objective of the poll is your conclusion and how you set up the poll are the premises.
Your plan presents an inductive argument. Essay 2: Analogy This analysis uses the same steps in the Discussion Question in which you analyzed an analogy. For the Discussion Question, you had to choose between two analogies and analyze one. For the essay, you should choose two analogies and analyze each separately using the steps. If you enjoyed the discussion question, you should choose this paper. Common mistakes: comparing two of Thompson’s analogies to each other, rather than presenting two analyses of two analogies from her paper. Essay 3: Ethics of Belief This paper might seem simple. The bulk of the paper is in the Standardization of the argument. If you did well in the Standardization assignment, you should choose this paper.


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Final Essay 6


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