Focus of the assignment

Focus of the assignment.

Focus of the assignment
this essay is intended to assess your ability to critically apply what you know about the relevant socio-cultural factors of race, gender, age and class, and the ways they intersect with each other, to a particular case study.
You can tackle this question in a variety of ways – there is no one correct approach. For example, some students may choose to deal with the four socio-cultural factors one after the other, and then discuss the ways how these factors intersect with each other (intersectionality) in a separate section. A different approach would be to weave in intersectionality issues where appropriate throughout the essay when discussing the different socio-cultural factors. Both of these approaches could be equally successful, and you should consider how you plan to accommodate the different aspects of the assignment task when choosing the structure of your assignment.
Regardless of the structure chosen, it is important that you attempt to cover both the socio-cultural factors of race, gender, age and class and the ways they intersect with each other in the presented case study.
Command words
The main command word used in the essay title is ‘critically discuss’. This means that you should not just describe the socio-cultural factors and their intersection, but your essay should also contain critical evaluation of the research and theories introduced. You can achieve that by showing an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the research that you introduce in your essay, or by questioning assumptions presented in the material.
Tips for writing
You are asked for this assignment to identify and select those theories and research from Block 2 that are relevant to his case. It is important to note that the writing should be focused on the case provided (Yusuf), and how the socio-cultural factors may play out and intersect in this case, rather than the socio-cultural factors in general.
Try to signpost to the reader in your introduction section how you are going to tackle the assignment. Also remember to signpost where you are up to at various points throughout your writing so that the reader is clear on what arguments you are making as your assignment progresses.
Given the word limit (1500 words) it is pivotal that you stay tightly focused on the assignment task and write concisely – these are key academic skills for this assignment.


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Focus of the assignment


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