Forming an opinion or argument (choose one approach)

Forming an opinion or argument (choose one approach).

Objective: Students will compose an exercise science related opinion paper. The paper must
include at least one opposing viewpoint and five sources from a reference book or scholarly
Forming an opinion or argument (choose one approach):
• Take a stance: be for or against something. For example, “Crossfit should be recognized
as a collegiate sport…”
• Argue the pros or cons of an issue. For example, “Flexible dieting helps people lose
weight by…”
• Argue what should be done about an issue. For example,” the government should do
more to lower healthcare costs by….”
Choosing pro/con sources: what to look for in a good pro/con source: (internet database tutorial)
• Date: if you are looking for recent facts and statistics, your source of information should
be current. Ideally, no information from prior to 2010 should be used.
• Biases: Is this a reliable source of information? What is the agenda of the author? What
is the agenda of the publisher?
• Level of Scholarship: The strength of your argument is determined by the strength of
your sources.
For this assignment you will need to:
• Choose a controversial issue.
• Form an opinion or argument concerning your topic.
• Write a 5-7 page paper that articulates your stance, supports your argument and explains
the opposition’s viewpoint.
• Your bibliography should have at least 7 resources. Of these resources, you must
o At least two (2) resources expressing an opposing viewpoint.
o At least five (5) scholarly source of information from a book or journal that
support your viewpoint.


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Forming an opinion or argument (choose one approach)


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