Foundation Studies: PSYCHOLOGY Written Assessment 代写

Foundation Studies: PSYCHOLOGY Written Assessment 代写.

Foundation Studies: PSYCHOLOGY Written Assessment 代写

 Foundation Studies: PSYCHOLOGYWritten Assessment #2: Explaining BehaviourFor this task you need to write an essay that explains to me why people do a particular behaviour. You can do this on the same topic youdid your essay plan on (this would be easiest!), but if you want to change topic and write about something else you can. Your essayshould propose three possible reasons why people do the behaviour you have chosen. Describe your argument and include evidence tosupport your claim.Aim: Developing scientific written communication in the field of Psychology.Learning objectives:1apply the psychological theories and concepts covered in this course to discussions about psychological research and practice.2source appropriate references and evidence relevant to the field and your argument in particular.3develop an argument and support the argumenwith appropriate evidence.4communicate scientific knowledge in a way that is engaging and meaningful to an intended audience.5. To demonstrate independent thought and the key components of enquiry-based investigations.Task: Choose a behaviour that you would like to understand better. Research and identify three possible explanations for thatbehaviour. Consider explanations from biological, cognitive and sociocultural perspectives.Format: The format of this assessment is a formal literary essay. In this essay you should have one paragraph to explain the behaviour;who does it and when. Then one paragraph for each explanation (you should have three explanations). In each of these paragraphs youshould describe the explanation, present evidence that supports that explanation, examine the evidence and identify the sources youhave used (website, research study, etc.). Please refer to the way we explained criminal behaviour in class.Details: 1,000-1,200 words.Referencing: Please use APA referencing that includes both in-text citations as well as a complete reference list.P a g e | 2Points Required Describe the behaviour. Identify the population that produces this behaviour. Describe when they are likely to do the behaviourand if it is only in a particular envirment. Describe THREE possible explanations for this behaviour. Using the example of explaing criminal behaviour that we did inclass, try to explain the behaviour you have chosen. Each explanation needs to be examined. In the paragraph, convince me asyour reader that this explanation is reasonable. Examine your explanations from a biological perspective, a cognitive perspectiveand a sociocultural perspective. Each explanation will be strongest when you use multiple sources or evidence to supportthat explanation.An example:If your behaviour is “parents abusing their children” then maybe one explanation is that they have problems with anger managementand controlling their emotions. You will then need to present 3-4 different pieces of evidence that convinces me that parents who abusetheir children have problems with anger management. One piece of supporting evidence might be a survey that found that the parentswho had been charged with child abuse also have poor cognitive control on a number of psychological tests (this would be a cognitiveperspective). Another piece of supporting evidence might be that brain activity in the frontal lobe has been shown to be impaired inparents who abuse their children compared to parents who do not abuse their children (this would be a biological perspective). Anotherpiece of supporting evidence might be that parents who abuse their children come from families who show tendencies of poor angermanagement (this would be a sociocultural perspective).So for one explanation you then provide three different pieces of evidence from a range of perspectives that convince me that yourexplanation is true and reasonable.Critical analysis of the research includes considering the way the studies were conducted, and evaluating the effect of this, NOT referringto the status of the author (e.g., expert in the field).Assessment is based on:Literary development of an argument based on evidence, including consideration of other possible viewpoints. Use of appropriate source material to support and challenge the argument from each of the three perspectives: Biological, Cognitiveand Sociocultural.Critical analysis of the evidence. Written expression.Due date: 5pm, 10th April. This assessment is worth 20% of the course grade.Submitting: There is a link on Study Smart for you to upload your document P a g e | 3Written Assessment Rubric #2: Explaining BehaviourPoor – 0% to 30%  Limited – 30% to 60%  Proficient – 60% to 80%  Excellent – 80% to 100%Development ofan Argument40% of total scoreThere is no development ofan argument. The reader isnot taken on a journeythrough the ideas.The ‘explanations’ presentedare not explained or supportedby research evidence or donot explain WHY people dothat behaviour.HINT: Make sure you choosea behaviour that people ‘do’.There is evidence of anargument where the‘explanations’ are related tothe behaviour. The evidencefor the explanations do notrepresent differentperspectives (biological,cognitive, sociocultural), orthere is only one source ofevidence for eachexplanation.

Foundation Studies: PSYCHOLOGY Written Assessment 代写There is a clear developmentof an argument that takes thereader on a journey and helpsthem to understand the issues.The different explanationsadd to each other andcontribute to ourunderstanding of thatbehaviour.There is a clear and thoroughdevelopment of argument thateducates the reader on theissues. The explanationsprovide a broadunderstanding of thebehaviour with respect to thepopulation and the factors thataffect the occurrence of thebehaviour.Use andConsideration ofAppropriateSource Materials30% of totalscoreThere are limited sourcesused and/or the sources do notinclude any scientificevidence. There is noconsideration of thecredibility of the sourcesused.Only one source is used foreach explanation. There islimited consideration of thescientific ‘credibility’ of thesources used.Two or more sources are usedfor at least two explanations.There is evidence of personalconsideration of the scientific‘credibility’ of the sources.Evidence from more than oneof the main perspectives(biological, cognitive,sociocultural) are used foreach explanation.Two or more sources are usedfor each explanation andrepresent different fields ofresearch (biological,cognitive, socio-cultural).There is strong personalconsideration of the scientific‘credibility’ of the sourcesused.WrittenExpression30% of totalscore

Foundation Studies: PSYCHOLOGY Written Assessment 代写The writing has a significantnumber of errors in grammaror spelling. The word choiceis awkward and the messageis difficult to understand.The writing has a significantnumber of errors in grammaror spelling. The word choiceis poor, but the message canbe understood with somedifficulty.The writing has some errorsin grammar or spelling. Theword choice is appropriateand the message can beunderstood without too muchdifficulty.The writing has few or noerrors in grammar or spelling.The writing is sophisticatedand includes well-structuredsentences and paragraphs.Foundation Studies: PSYCHOLOGY Written Assessment 代写

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Foundation Studies: PSYCHOLOGY Written Assessment 代写


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