Foundations in Media Production

Foundations in Media Production.


PROPOSAL for a Creative Media Project (individual) – Assignment Instructions

Assignment # 2 is the proposal for the production of a creative media project. It’s the first stage of the production process. Before you proceed to write the proposal, please read this information about the production of the project:

About the Creative Media Project:

The final goal of the creative media project will be the application of artistic, technical, experimental and/or narrative principles – the foundations of the production of media content. You will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and their functions.

The project can consist of a) one video or b) a series of videos.


Short Experimental Project
Short Documentary
Video Essay
Please see: OWL > Weeks 04 and 05 for a compilation of references and examples.

You are expected to explore different media production concepts. Some examples:

Camera Position: Angie, Level, Height, and Distance of Framing
Deep Space / Perspective (one or different kinds)
Shallow Focus / Deep Focus
Camera Movements
Three-Act Structure
For the production of the project you are expected to use your own devices (i.e. smartphone camera or DSLR) and software (i.e. iMovie).





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Foundations in Media Production


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