Gender Equality for Women

Gender Equality for Women.




A revised introduction and objectives paragraph that is 1-2 pages in length and incorporates feedback from
your previous draft.
• A brief background section that cites and describes key research and theory that guided your
programmatic decisions. This will lay the groundwork for your program, and you will reference back to
this section when you describe the program details to provide a rationale for your decision-making.
• A detailed program description that addresses questions a reader might have, including:
o Who will participate in the program (e.g., first-year students, graduate students, etc.)?
o What will program participants do/experience? When and for how long?
o Etc.
• A short paragraph on how you might go about assessing your program that should address the following:
o What does it mean for your program to be effective?
o To what extent can program outcomes be assessed, and how might you assess the program?
• A conclusion and future directions paragraph that synthesizes the purpose of your program, identifies
the possible limitations of your program, and points to future directions and next steps to advance equity
in your area of focus.

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Gender Equality for Women


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