Global Business and, National Differences in political economy and culture

Global Business and, National Differences in political economy and culture.

Submission date: February 22, 2021
Final examination weighting- Fifty percent (50%)
Words =3,000 words
This assignment is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this unit .
Assessment Question Week 1 and 2
Global Business and, National Differences in political economy and culture
Question 1(7 Marks)
Multinational enterprises are supported by strong and effective institutions to succeed in business.
i. What do you understand by the concept “institutional framework”?
(2 Marks)
ii. Certainty of a business environment determines a firm’s success. Examine how the various types of
institutions that reduce a firm’s uncertainty. (5 Marks)
Assessment Question Week 4 and 5
Foreign direct investment and regional economic integration
Question 2 (7 MARKS)
All countries across the globe have joined the race to attract foreign direct investment. Examine the merits
and demerits of foreign direct investment to specific sectoral communities in Australia as a host nation.
Assessment Question Week 6: International Competitive strategy
Question 3 (11 Marks)
The COVID 19 Depression can be noted as being worse than the 1928 World Great Depression. Indeed,
many firms across the world have closed their businesses.
As an advisor to the President of Happy-land Republic:
i. Examine the survival strategies you would provide to enable firms to survive
the effects of COVID 19. (5.5 Marks)
ii. You understand that for each strategy, challenges exist. Accordingly, you believe that the Prime Minister
should be aware of these challenges. What challenges do you think would arise as a result of adopting each of
the strategies you have provided to the Prime Minister. (5.5 Marks)
Assessment Question Week 7 and 11 Organization design and control
Question 4 (7 marks)
Employees of a firm are the source of knowledge who enable enterprises to implement the planned activities.
i. Examine the main elements of knowledge management that enable firms to succeed using experts. (2
ii. Explain the challenges and obstacles that are likely to affect a firm’s
knowledge management. (5 Marks)
Assessment Question Week 8: Entry modes, export and import practices
Question 5 (7 Marks)
Internationalization can be viewed by small and medium enterprises as a slow stage- by-stage process. As a
business expert:
i. Examine the various options you would adopt for your firm to engage in international business. (3 Marks)
ii. Use an Equity Control-Growth matrix to explain the various equity entry modes used by small and
medium enterprises to internationalize. (4 Marks)
Assessment Question Week 10 Global operations
Question 6 (11 Marks)
Buderim Group, Australia’s oldest ginger processing and agritourism business has received an $8.3 million
takeover offer from Global Foods. It was noted that “The proposed deal includes the Buderim Ginger brands,
all land, plant and ginger processing equipment at Yandina and the Ginger Factory tourist attraction, as well
as a 1,619-hectare macadamia orchard in Hawaii”.
During the takeover of Buderim Group, the Executive Director observed that “We are in a unique position to
invest the required capital and expertise to enable the ginger division to continue into the future, and for the
company to profitably grow with a renewed focus on the macadamia industry. He also noted that they would
rebrand to Health and Plant Protein Ltd.
Among the strategies he indicated was that they “would transfer” over with the ginger division and take on a
non-executive director role with the macadamia arm of the business. He stated “We’ve been working with
ginger growers on the Sunshine Coast since 1941 and I don’t see any change to that.” Therefore, he said –
Buderim Ginger and the Ginger Factory are part of the fabric of the Sunshine Coast, we are Australia’s
leading ginger company, and we’ll continue exporting Australian ginger around the world”.
Finally, the Executive Director said “We are doing this to act in the best interests of the shareholders;
certainly, we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t think it was for the right reasons,- ABC News Posted;
Tuesday 16 June 2020.
Suppose you are the Executive Director and have just graduated from Holmes Institute. Answer the following
questions that are related to Global Foods takeover of Buderim Group.
i. What do you think would motivate you as the Executive Director of Global Foods to take over Buderim
Group? (3 Marks)
ii. Explain the assessment steps you would take to guarantee the stakeholders that the Buderim take-over is
profitable and in their interest. (4 Marks)
iii. Examine the challenges you would encounter during and after the acquisition of Buderim Group. (4

Global Business and, National Differences in political economy and culture


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