Goal Setting and Development Planning

Goal Setting and Development Planning.

Creating a To-Do list is an important part of staying organized and productive. Research and select an
electronic To-Do list tool or template. Consider the template from MindTools available in the resources section
of this module. This template allows you to prioritize your tasks and track how you are feeling. You can also
create your own template, use assistance from your book, download a template from another web site, or
search the app store for your particular mobile device.
Maintain your To-Do list for five days. The To-Do list should include at least ten (10) items. After these five
days, consider the questions below. Type your responses to these questions, and then submit both your To-Do
list and your responses to complete this assignment. Remember that Canvas accepts only the following file
types (.doc, .docx, .odt, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, and .html), so you may need to screen capture, scan, and/or save your
To-Do list in a different file type for submission. Contact the technical support help desk if you need assistance.
Here are the questions:
1.Describe your considerations in selecting a To-Do list format and explain why you chose the format you
2.Discuss why it is important to balance work and life.
3.Describe a recent situation that caused you stress. What techniques did you employ to manage the stress or
resolve the situation?
4.Describe four techniques you might use for reducing your stress. Include at least two techniques that you do
not already use.
5.Describe a recent situation that made you angry. How did you react? Were you able to control your
emotions? If so, what techniques did you use? If not, what might you do differently next time?
6.Describe four techniques you might use for managing anger. Include at least two techniques that you do not
already use.
7. Identify two important decisions you have made recently. What alternatives did you consider? What was
your final decision? Did the decision meet your expectations?
8.Do you consider yourself creative? If so, what characteristics of a creative person do you possess? If not,
how might you develop your creativity?
9.Describe the kind of file management system you use currently in your work or personal life. How effective is
the system for staying organized? How could you improve upon your information management?
10.What was the most meaningful knowledge, skill, or attitude you gained through this week’s work?



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Goal Setting and Development Planning


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