Green Cat Advertising Campaign Policy and Procedure

Green Cat Advertising Campaign Policy and Procedure.

Green Cat Advertising Campaign Policy and Procedure
At Green Cat Advertising, we are committed to developing effective advertising campaigns for all of our
Scope of Policy
This policy should be followed by all staff when developing an advertising campaign.
Prior to developing the creative brief, a meeting with the client must be conducted to find out about their
requirements. Our experience shows us that most clients provide verbal briefings so you are required to make
detailed notes about requirements for use in developing the creative brief.
The following key information must be sought from the client as follows:
• Big picture information such as market trends, opportunities within the market.
• Proposed objectives for the campaign
• Target audience – who are they, where are they and how to communicate them. Ask the client for their
• Who is the competition?
• What are market opportunities?
• Key messages – finding out what the company most wants to say. What are the most compelling reasons to
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believe and to buy? What is the company’s unique selling proposition?
• Requirements regarding timing and duration of campaign.
Following the meeting a creative brief must be developed using the Green Cat Advertising Creative Brief
Note that where a client requires pre-campaign testing, this will be provided by Green Cat Advertising at an
additional cost to the campaign of $4,000. At least two focus groups will be organized.
Creative briefs
The creative brief is a written document that summarizes both the business and creative requirements for a
specific project or relationship. This must be developed using our template as above.
Once the creative brief is completed it must be sent to the client and team for approval.
Service providers
As part of developing the creative brief, a minimum of two service providers must be identified and at least
two quotes procured. The service provider must be selected based on the quality of their services, as well as
value for money. The cheapest quote may not be necessarily the best.
Service provider should be contacted to enquire about their services. A broad outline of the services required
must be provided without breaching client confidentiality.

Green Cat Advertising Campaign Policy and Procedure


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