Gurus of Large Group Interventions

Gurus of Large Group Interventions.



Sandra Janoff and Marvin Weisbord are the original developers of the Future Search method and are the
founders of the Future Search Network. Corporations pay a lot of money for their services, but fortunately they
have a few videos up on YouTube so you can get a taste of what kind of material they go through when giving
a seminar. Find some videos from one or both of them and share the link to the video that you find the most
owen-open space technologyHarrison Owen is the developer of Open Space Technology. He also has a few
videos up on YouTube as well. Take a look at some of his videos and share the link to one that you found to be
the most useful.
Answer the following questions concerning the videos on Future Search and Open Space:
Did the videos help you understand any of the concepts from the background readings? Be specific as to what
concepts were covered in the videos that were also covered in the readings.
Was the video well organized and presented? Based on the video, are you surprised that Weisbord, Janoff,
and Owen are successful consultants?


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Gurus of Large Group Interventions


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