Happiness does exist

Happiness does exist.



Listed below are the instructions from my professor. I will also provide a link to the reading selection for the
assignment that goes along with the instructions. I will also send pictures of each section that the professor
requires for the paper because I have to copy and paste the info into each box that is listed. Also based off of
the instructions it looks like this paper doesn’t require any sources and is to be opinionated so the writer is free
to use their opinion as to what they think happiness is and so forth. I just really need this assignment done so
that I am still able to pass this class with an A
Assignment: Write a multi-paragraph essay providing (defining) your personal criteria for happiness and
exploring whether or not you have achieved happiness based on these criteria. For this writing assignment,
your response should be persuasive, thoughtful, and detailed, showing various points that support both the
criteria you have chosen to define happiness and your discussion of how closely you currently “match” this
definition. Logical evidence that backs up your opinion should be used throughout.
The essay should clearly explain what you think it means to be happy and whether or not you currently fit or
match the definition you present. The first paragraph will offer an interesting introduction that pulls the reader
into your views on how happiness should be defined using specific criteria. The following two paragraphs need
to include main points that prove how and why your criteria define happiness (one criterion per paragraph),
evidence supporting these criteria, and analysis explaining how the evidence supports each point. The next
paragraph (#4) needs to discuss whether or not your situation matches the criteria you used to define
happiness and answers the question, “Based on your definition, are you currently happy?” It’s okay for the
answer to this question to be “no,” but you should have some idea of what you might need to do to be happier,
if that is one of your goals. You may be content as is, which is great. For the purpose of this assignment, just
be honest about your current state and your thoughts on why you feel that way. You will need to provide
evidence and reasoning to support the match. Your final paragraph should conclude your thoughts on this topic
in an interesting, thoughtful way that goes beyond summary and gives your reader something to consider.
As a reminder, each paragraph should have a topic sentence that clearly states your point and details to
support/prove this point. You should have transitions between paragraphs that show why each point appears in
this order. The grading rubric will help you develop your paper.



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Happiness does exist


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