he Implementation Plan is the third section and for this course the last section in the body of the proposal.

he Implementation Plan is the third section and for this course the last section in the body of the proposal..

The Implementation Plan is the third section and for this course the last section in the body of the proposal. Normally there would also be a cost section, but calculating the cost of the design, development and implementation of the interventions is beyond the scope of this course.
The Implementation Plan has two major components:
Change Management Plan.
Project Management Plan with a timeline.
The purpose of this component is to lay out a detailed plan for the successful adoption of the interventions and successful design, development, and implementation of the proposed interventions.
Use the Implementation Plan Template provided in the Resources to complete this assignment. Use APA and/or business style. The Implementation Plan contains the following sections:
Summary of Problem Statement and Proposed Solution
Insert here the brief Summary of the Problem Statement that you used in your Proposed Solution. Add the list of proposed interventions. This section will serve to remind your instructor and peers about your project. It should be no more than a page in length.
Change Management Plan
Describe your plan for addressing the five stages of the change process as defined by Dormant (1999). These are:
For each stage, describe the anticipated reaction of the users and the strategies you will employ to facilitate acceptance of the change. Include an introduction and summary for your change management plan.
Create a list or summary of the additional tasks or events required to support your change management plan. Remember to include these strategies in your project plan.
Project Management Plan
In this component, you will identify all the tasks that must be completed in order to design, develop, and implement your proposed solution, including the change management strategies. If you have divided your list of interventions into multiple stages or phases, then you only need to create the Project Management Plan to cover the first phase. Sequence these tasks or steps in the order in which they must be completed. Describe the resources required to carry out this project plan, including people, time, materials, and vendors.
Identify major milestones in the creation and implementation for each intervention and for your change management strategies. Plot these major milestones on a timeline such as a Gantt chart. Make sure your timeline is visible using Microsoft Office software.
Describe your proposed procedures for tracking progress against your plan, taking corrective actions as needed, and reporting status to stakeholders. How will you close out the project when finished and celebrate? Additionally, address how you will collaborate and communicate with stakeholders to ensure that you are meeting their needs.
Include an introduction and a summary for your project management plan.
Evaluation Plan
Create a plan for collecting evaluation data about your interventions. Use Phillips’ (2006) framework for collecting this data:
Business Impact.
Return on Investment (You are not expected to offer a detailed ROI analysis in this course. You will learn how to do a rigorous ROI analysis in the “Return on Investment in TΠ” course. In this course, offer some estimates of the cost of your interventions and the financial benefits of the interventions.)
Emphasize in your plan how you will compare the post-intervention data with the baseline data you collected for the performance gap information you offered in the Unit 2 assignment.

he Implementation Plan is the third section and for this course the last section in the body of the proposal.


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