Health and Medical North Carolina’s sterilization program

Health and Medical North Carolina’s sterilization program.

Question 1.

The eugenics program is the worst case of poor health care planning ever. According to the eugenics theory promiscuity, paucity and alcoholism are negative traits inherited from parents to children. To stop such passing of the negative genetic traits, therefore, the eugenic theory argued that all victims testing positive to these traits be sterilized due to the risk involved. The core reason for sterilizing the victims was to mitigate the social and moral decay in the society by eliminating the genes predisposed to poverty, alcoholism and promiscuity. This was an inhumane way for the North Carolina health practitioners to end the lives of many. The patients were never consulted before the procedure hence violating the health care practice ethics.  The justice department collaborated with the health department to maintain this situation by legally authorizing it.

Question 2.

The study records were secured in government labs with limited access to selected personnel and hence minimized the window for any whistle-blower entity to access such information. Involuntarily sterilized patients could never access their personal patient files.  The study records never lived to see the light of the day.

Question 3.

There still exists massive complexity in determining the status of the patient’s data up to date. The legal and medical reason under which this data was confiscated is still an uncovered mystery. Cases such as the Riddick’s case of noticing she had been involuntarily butchered as the New York doctor puts it is a perfect example that the victims of eugenics never knew what was happening to their bodies.

Question 4.

In 2002, the Carolina state expressed its apology to all involuntarily sterilized victims but never abolished the law officially. The survivors of this inhumane process were never compensated and the state government never offered an official withdrawal. It is pathetic to see such a developed nation where politicians play gimmicks with the lives of innocent people.




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Health and Medical North Carolina’s sterilization program


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