Health Care Costs

Health Care Costs.



To prepare for this discussion make sure you watch Steven Brill’s 3-minute video on rising medical costs. Then, explore the related infographic “What Makes Health Care So Expensive.” Finally, review the section on Cost Containment (p. 8-9) in the Summary of the Affordable Care Act prepared by the Kaiser Family Foundation ( links to all of these can be found within this lesson).

For your first post, choose one of the possible solutions to rising health care costs proposed in section 3 of the infographic – or describe a solution that you would suggest – and, based on the information in this lesson, discuss the rationale for your choice. The possible solutions cited in the infographic include:
Control prescription drug costs (save $94 billion)
Regulate hospital costs and/or tax their profits (save $84 billion)
Reduce duplicate or excessive tests and procedures (save $74 billion)
Regulate fees and/or tax the profits of outpatient clinics and labs owned by doctors (save $50 billion)
Bring gross margins of medical device makers down to 50% (save $30 billion)
Use comparative-effectiveness evaluations to guide decision-making for prescription drugs, tests and medical devices (save $28 billion)
Finally, respond to two of your classmates’ posts, commenting on both the pros and cons of the solutions they have proposed, and how their solutions may be impacted by the ACA.




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Health Care Costs


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