History, Power and theory

History, Power and theory.


1. Choose a country that you currently believe is the new Athens – a rising power in the world today and discuss why you chose this country.

2. Define/discuss the “Westphalian” system that dominates our international order today and where your country fits in that order. Specifically, discuss the importance of sovereign borders to the Westphalian system and how land factors into your country.

3. What are the Realist and Liberal views on international relations (per Ch. 1) and how is your chosen country viewed in the international order?

4. What about Athens in the Peloponnesian wars made it powerful? And, what about your chosen country makes it powerful? You may wish to look at:

a) resources (both physical and cultural)

b) influence

c) alliances

5. As Athens grew and expanded, what happened? Has your country grown, asserted itself? If so, what were/are the consequences for Athens and your chosen country?

6. Chapter 1 ends with a discussion of Just War theory, including its component analyses: 1) Jus ad bellus and 2) Jus in bellow. What is Just War theory and what are the two components used for? Has your country ever been involved in a war(s)? If so, how did they justify it? If not, has your country been invaded? If so, how did Just War theory play out to the citizenry?

7. Finally, legendary diplomat, Henry Kissinger, once said that “As threats change, so does the definition of national security.” What does this mean to you? And, what might it mean for your chosen country?

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History, Power and theory


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