How a movie succeed or fail

How a movie succeed or fail.



How does a movie succeed (or not succeed) in representing a particular theme?
Go beyond the primary source of information, the movie. Use MLA internal documentation and a Works Cited page using MLA citations in the 8th edition format. In the course of your research, you must find sources to include and cite in your essay. They must be:

A popular source: at least one article from a reputable publication (e.g. newspaper or magazine)
A scholarly source: at least one article from an academic journal or an academic database
Incorporate at least two quotes (You will need more than two if you want a high research score).
Use MLA 8th edition internal documentation.
Have a Works Cited page in MLA 8th edition style.
One-inch margins on left and right, Double spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12, typed.
The essay length is at least 800 words, not including Works Cited. Include the word count at the end of your essay.
use the movie The Great Gatsby 2013 film


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How a movie succeed or fail


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