How People Acquire Power.

How People Acquire Power..


1. Framing with negotiations can be very beneficial. Consider this scenario. Jim has a 2018 Lexus LS that he is selling. Jim purchased it new two years ago for $68,800. Today, Jim wants $60,000 for it. You want to pay $46,500. Here are some facts about the vehicle that Jim has presented to you.
• Mileage 52,000 Miles
• Excellent Tires
• Still under warranty for another eighteen (18) months
• No history nor signs of any problems with the vehicle
• No history nor signs of any damage caused by wrecks
• His has records to regular maintenance (oil change every three thousand (3000) miles, rotation of tires, regular front-end alignments, radiator flush, etc,)
Jim has presented (framed) a pretty good case for the sale of the vehicle for this price. Based on this scenario, create a four-point frame, based on the facts presented, for how you would frame your response
2. The Delphi Method/Technique is a procedure that is used often in business. Consider this scenario. You owe you own daycare that merits you a great deal of money annually. You have always done well with your business and to your credit, you have developed an excellent reputation. Within the last few months, you have become concerned about your business. Your business is growing, which is great, but you are concerned about liabilities, finances, organizational and management skills, time management, ineffective marketing, and how to care for the children even better than you have in the past. You have created a plan that you think is good, but you want to involve a Delphi Method in your planning. For these concerns, who do you call to be a part of this Delphi Method Team?
3. Power is a word that is often used in business or other industries on a regular basis. The text describes five Sources of Power – How People Acquire Power. For this question, consider Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban. Identify which of the power(s) Cuban has and provide an explanation of how he demonstrates these powers. (Note: it could be Cuban demonstrates just one of these powers, two of these powers, three of these powers, four of these powers, or you may have assessed and decided that he demonstrates all five of these powers).
4. You are involved in a negotiation with two individuals; one from the United States and one from Japan. In this negotiation, it is imperative that you integrate collectivism and individualism in your negotiation. Which of these individuals do you integrate individualism and which one of these individuals do you integrate collectivism? Explain your answers.


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How People Acquire Power.


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