How to conduct a research strategy

How to conduct a research strategy.

Conduct research on strategies for the inclusion of students with ADHD and behavioral problems in the general education classroom. Answer the questions in the scenario about Jake. Support your answers with references and evidenced based strategies.

Please answer these questions: Provide a reflection on how you would personally feel about including Jake in your classroom and/or how you would help assist Betty, the general education teacher prepare to include Jake in her classroom with support and strategies. Why do you think Betty is resistant to having Jake in her class? Do you think Jake is ready to be placed in a general education classroom full-time? Why or why not? 2. How can Sharon and Betty work together to best serve Jake’s needs? What types of services or support would help Betty be more comfortable with having Jake in her classroom full-time? 3. Should Jake’s parents and other education professionals be involved in the decision process? 4. What types of services or support would help Jake make a successful transition to a fulltime general education classroom? What strategies can be implemented to address Jake’s behavior and improve his organizational skills?

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How to conduct a research strategy


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