How we perform educational activity today changes witnesses

How we perform educational activity today changes witnesses.

This is a paper that is focusing on how we perform educational activity today changes witnesses over the period. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

How we perform educational activity today changes witnesses

Following Para (abstract) will give an idea about the scope and demand of the article. “How we perform educational activity today had witnessed lots of changes over the period. The way educational institutions developed in a particular time period cannot be free from the influence of prevailing philosophical thoughts of that period. Since, education directly associated with the human mind[1] and behaviour It is very general to say that no educational effort is possible without having some kind of assumption about what human beings are, what they can do, what they ought to do, and what are the possibilities they have. Every system of educational practices has these kinds of some assumptions about human nature. If one changes the notion or understanding of human being then sooner or later that would reflect in the educational theories and practice.

If we assume that human belief system has any link or any influence on human actions then, to change education. We have to understand our belief about human nature. Throughout the history of civilization, there have been many theories about humans, their internal nature, external behaviour. Also, the way in which they interact with the society that surrounds them. Each theory of human nature held by the contemporary intellectuals is a reflection throughout the society. Also, its influence seen in most social and private arenas, including educational practices.[ It need not be the case that society immediately accepts intellectuals] A particular assumption about human nature influences the educational practices is very much evident if we survey the major philosophies and their assumptions about human nature.


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How we perform educational activity today changes witnesses


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