HR at 60% reserve.

HR at 60% reserve..


1) Your client is a local distance runner who recently had her VO2max tested at 61.4 ml/kg/min. Today she is going to run at 70% VO2reserve. If she runs on the treadmill at 6 mph, at what grade would you set it so she achieves her target VO2?

2) What if she wants to ride the stationary bike today, instead? How many watts? She weighs 128 lbs.

3) Your friend is trying to lose weight. He’s started walking ½ an hour every morning around his neighborhood, which is very flat. He estimates he covers 1.75 miles in that half hour. How many NET calories does he burn in that half hour? He weighs 263 lbs.

4) Your friend has also read that vigorous exercise is at least 60% of something called HRreserve. He knows you’re an Exercise Science major and asks you what HR he’d need to be at 60% HRreserve. What do you tell him? He’s 27 years old.

5) Which burns more NET calories? Walking 3.5 mph on a 5% grade for an hour or running at 6mph at 3% grade for half an hour? Assume the person weighs 160 lbs.

Below are the results of lactate threshold test done on a 31 year old man who is a highly trained cyclist:

VO2max = 63.9 ml/kg/min
Power output at VO2max = 750 watts
HRmax = 191 bpm

At LT1

VO2 = 48.32 ml/kg/min
Power output = 400 watts
HR = 140 bpm

At LT2 (4 mmol)

VO2 = 58.40 ml/kg/min
Power output = 600 watts
HR = 170 bpm



Based on these results,

1) Below what HR and power output would be considered low intensity for this cyclist?

2) What range of HRs and power outputs would be considered low to moderate intensity for him?

3) What range of HRs and power outputs would be considered moderate to high intensity for him?

4) Above what HR and power output would be considered high intensity for this man?

5) Based on these results, is she at optimal fitness level? Explain your answer.



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HR at 60% reserve.


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