Humanities; marriage

Humanities; marriage.

Identifying information, page numbers, title, and ‘Works Cited’ page(s) are not included in the word count.
Step 1: Conduct research and read a few paragraphs of each of your articles
Using a search engine, identify three academic or medical journal articles on the subject of marriage, with each
article categorized as falling under either the conventions of the humanities, the social sciences, and the
applied or natural sciences (find one article in each discipline).
Step 2: Answer each of the following questions in your paper
Besides the clues in the academic or medical journal titles, how can you tell which article belongs to the
humanities disciplines? to social sciences? to applied or natural sciences?
Describe the overall organizational pattern in each article. How are these patterns different?
Select one article to study more closely. What can you learn from it as a writer? That is, what strategies can
you borrow in your own writing?
How does the purpose for writing change across the disciplines?
What are the differences in citation style, language, and format?

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Humanities; marriage


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