Identification and Analysis Assignment Instructions

Identification and Analysis Assignment Instructions.

Identification and Analysis Assignment Instructions


The purpose of this assignment is to develop your moral sensitivity—the ability to recognize ethical issues—and your skills in analyzing those ethical issues.  It will also help you prepare for the first two steps of your Critical Thinking Papers due later in the term.  Follow the instructions below.

Be sure to have read the chapter and watched the videos before you start working on this assignment.



  1. Read the case study “Claire’s Conundrum”


  1. Review the “Applying the Critical Thinking Model Video” from minutes 1:41-5:15 (Identification) and 7:00-10:14 (Analysis).


  1. Write a paragraph explaining what you think is the central ethical issue of “Claire’s Conundrum.” The central ethical issue is the main problem that the decision-maker must resolve. Explain, too, your reasoning about why this is the central issue. Why is it the main problem?


  1. Write a second paragraph listing as many other secondary (related) ethical issues as you can identify. Secondary ethical issues are related moral problems that contribute to the importance of the central issue, or ones that make up the background context of the central issue (like social policies or laws). Try to list as many as you can.



  1. Copy (highlight, right click, select copy) and paste (click into your new document, right click, select paste) the chart below into your paper




















  1. Fill in the boxes on the top row with options Claire might select as ways to solve the central ethical issue. Come up with four options.


  1. Fill in the boxes in the leftmost column with the names of five stakeholders who will be affected by the outcome of her decision.


  1. Complete the rest of the chart by detailing the likeliest outcomes each option entails for each stakeholder. See the example chart in Ch. 4 of The Moral Compass for an example of how this works.


  1. Do NOT just write your answers into this document as a template. Your submission should be a new document.  Format the Identification section in either MLA or APA formatting style, including correct margins, line spacing, etc. If you need help formatting your paper, refer to Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) for free information about how to set up papers in MLA or APA.



Upload your completed Identification and Analysis Assignment in the appropriate drop box.


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Identification and Analysis Assignment Instructions


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