Identify different target segments for sneakers.

Identify different target segments for sneakers..

Advertising in the Digital Age References: 2-4 References, Harvard Style. Words: ~1000-1100


We have recently started a 3D printed shoe company called Greenz (that’s right…with a z!!!) that uses recycled plastic to make unisex

sneakers. These new, innovative and environmentally-friendly products (6 different shoes in our product range with a view to develop more) have us very excited and we can see there is potential to really blow-up. As a brand-new company, we recognise there is need to advertise to achieve our key goal of increasing sales to $50million (AUD) by 2025 globally.

Given this recognised need to advertise, we are currently in the market for the services of an advertising agency to develop the best advertising campaign that we can use for the next five years to achieve our key goal stated above.

Your job:

We want your agency to compete for our business by developing a report outlining a campaign we can use for our brand. We have a budget of $2 million (AUD) to spend on advertising and at the moment we do absolutely nothing in terms of advertising so are essentially starting from the beginning.


Task 1 *(Not required): No shoe brand is complete without an appropriate logo…therefore, design a logo that you think best represents the shoe brand


Task 2 *(Not required): As a second step, you need to understand our competitors given how competitive this industry is. As such, do a competitor analysis of at least 5-7 different competitors with the purpose of highlighting our brand’s USP relative to the competition


Task 3*(Not required) : Identify different target segments for sneakers. Which segment(s) would you target and subsequently, what segmentation strategy would you adopt?


Task 4: Based on what you have developed from Task 1-3, develop an advertising campaign. This includes:

  1. 3-7 SMART short-term and long-term objectives that will feed the key goal
  2. A strategy, including a mock-up and storyboard (where appropriate) of both traditional and digital channels keeping in mind the objectives you develop, target market, budget and location
  3. A timeline for the different channels you would adopt over the course of 5 years so we know when to implement them
  4. Evaluation mechanisms to see if we’ve achieved our objectives
  5. A realistic budget.

References: 2-4 References, Harvard Style. Words: ~1000-1100.

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Identify different target segments for sneakers.


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