Identify the organization’s

Identify the organization’s.

Identify the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Refer back to textbook Chapter 6 to review the characteristics of good mission and vision statements so you can use these criteria in the analysis of the selected company.
Write a 1,100 word paper that analyzes the mission, vision, and value statements for John Hopkins Hospital. The paper should address the following:
•Explain the importance of strategic direction and the purpose of the mission and vision statements in the strategic planning process.
•State the mission and vision of the selected organization.
•Utilize the criteria found in Chapter 6 to evaluate the mission and vision of John Hopkins Hospital. Include discussion of whether the mission and vision statements contain the characteristics of good mission and vision statements and justify your position.
•Summarize Nohn Hopkins Hospital values and describe how they align to key tenets of the Christian worldview perspective. Include discussion about how adherence to these values can affect strategic planning and initiatives.
I•dentify the major organizational resources needed to accomplish the mission and vision and uphold the company values.
•Identify strategies that can be employed to effectively manage resources to fulfill the organization’s mission and vision.
•Describe the substance of an organization’s strategic objectives and the contributions they make to the strategic planning process.


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Identify the organization’s


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