Immoral and unnecessary or moral behavior

Immoral and unnecessary or moral behavior.



Immoral and unnecessary or moral and useful?
Use the paper to argue in support of one side of an ethical issue. If so, then you should not only find
substantial arguments in support of that position, but also substantial arguments against that position. In other
words, try to show that your position successfully withstands strong criticism. Alternatively, you might want to
explore an ethical issue without taking a firm stance on either side. In that case, also, find substantial
arguments on both sides, and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. It may help to ask yourself as you
read: What sort of ethical argument is this? Is it consequentialist or nonconsequentialist? Has the author
anticipated serious objections to his/her argument? Are the ethical principles assumed or advocated by the
author likely to conflict in some situations? Are any significant ethical principles ignored? If the argument
depends in part on empirical studies, are they strong ones, or do they ignore important evidence? Is what the
author proposes realistic in economic or business terms? (These questions are meant to be suggestive, not
mandatory or exhaustive.)


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Immoral and unnecessary or moral behavior


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