Incident Report

Incident Report.


1. Read about Incident Reports, their purpose, intended audience, the ethical considerations as well as the tone of the language and the memo format required. See textbook p. 324 -328 for all of this information.

2.Incident Report prompt: Make up an incident (note incident reports are also sometimes called Trouble Reports or Accident Reports) that has occurred either at a health care facility where you work or at a financial services company where you work. Choose the one that would be most applicable or relevant to your intended future career so that this feels like a useful exercise. Even though this is a fabricated incident, it should sound quite possible and realistic and you should invent the names and roles of the various people involved.

As a supervisor, it is your responsibility to write up the report documenting exactly what happened, when, to whom, what was done at the time and what recommendations you are making to avoid this type of problem in the future. Look at the link to the wikipedia page on Incident Reports for ideas.


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Incident Report


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