Individualized Education Programs”.

Individualized Education Programs”..



When a child is eligible for special education services in the public school setting, an Individualized Education Plan must be written. The IEP covers various areas including a child’s present levels of performance, identified measurable annual goals, outlines related services, and discusses accommodations/modifications.
Please read about the child below and answer the questions that follow in a 2-3 page double spaced format.
Liam is a 5 year old child who attends an integrated preschool. He is happy and enjoys being around his peers. Liam is nonverbal, does not yet walk, and has limited play skills. Liam has limited fine motor skills and needs adult assistance to self feed his snack. His typical school day includes free play, morning circle, snack, work, playground, and a group activity.
Please describe 3 specific goal areas Liam needs to work on.
Please discuss in detail the types of related service Liam requires, why, and what type of equipment he might benefit from. (Keep in mind all equipment recommendations should come from trained therapists and medical professionals; I just want you to brainstorm possibilities).
How would you help Liam work on his social skills with his peers? Name and describe at least 3 activities.
What sorts of accommodations can you provide Liam? Please state at least 4 accommodations and how they will help Liam.


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Individualized Education Programs”.


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