Information Technology (IT) and the NHIN

Information Technology (IT) and the NHIN.






Discuss the impetus for health information exchange (HIE) in the United States.
Describe basic HIE organizational structures, architectures, and services.
Reinforce the need for data stewardship in HIE services.
Identify the state, regional, and local activities in achieving benefits and overcoming challenges for HIE organizations.
Describe the federal government’s concept of a nationwide health information network.

Imagine that you are the Director of Health Information for a large hospital. As Director, you sit on various institutionwide committees that govern the organization’s policies. In collaboration with interdepartmental committees, you have
made recommendations regarding the improvement of policies, procedures, and operations across the institution. The
CEO and Board of Directors have approved funding for several initiatives but have asked you to narrow changes to just
a few. Therefore, you will develop an action plan for the hospital.
Please follow the instructions below in completion of this Assignment.
Part Instructions
1 Appraise at least two (2) policies that cover data security (i.e., audits, control data recovery, e-security,
data recovery planning, and business continuity planning). Make at least two (2) recommendations for
improvements to the elements included in the design of audit trails and data quality monitoring
programs within the hospital.
2 Critique the systems capabilities to meet regulatory requirements by judging the technologies that
relate to electronic signatures, data correction, and audit logs.
3 Critique at least two (2) human factors and user interface design of health information technologies by
making at least two (2) recommendations for device selection based on workflow, ergonomics, and
human factors.
4 Evaluate a health information system’s architecture in terms of database design and data
warehousing. Critique issues with systems implementation related to systems testing, interface
management, and data relationships.
5 Participate in the development of information management plans that support the organization’s
current and future strategy and goals by comparing and contrasting at least two (2) issues related to a
corporate strategic plan, operation improvement planning, information management plans, and/or
disaster and recovery planning.
Assignment Details
6 Analyze at least two (2) challenges that exist in each phase of the systems development life cycle.
Distinguish issues related to EHRs, HIEs, and RECs within your analysis.
7 Analyze at least two (2) challenges that exist in each phase of the systems development life cycle.
Distinguish issues related to EHRs, HIEs, and RECs within your analysis.


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Information Technology (IT) and the NHIN


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