Integration of endurance sports in wellness programs that seek to help in the healing of trauma .

Integration of endurance sports in wellness programs that seek to help in the healing of trauma ..



There has been evidence of positive impact made by sports, especially endurance sports in the process of healing depression and most importantly, trauma. Previous research conducted across 26 countries with a sample population of 125,000 people showed that a third of them had experienced trauma. If lighter cases as defined by Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th edition) had been considered, the number would have jumped to about 70%. A 2016 study by The Conversation journal (Contribution came from various authors, e.g. Danny Kingsley from Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, Australian National University and Holy Thorpe, University of Wakaito. ) I will include more authors in my reference list, and I kindly request you to advise me on the best referencing style.) shows how communities that have been affected by disaster, conflict and other forms of instability have integrated sports into their day-to-day activities to help the population get back on track after the shocking events. I will use data from selected medical, sports and journalism sources to break down the process of integrating endurance sports into wellness and healing of trauma and determine the best mix of approaches that can be used to ensure that these sports achieve the intended goal. When completed, this research will also be able to guide the collaboration between endurance sports and other disciplines like guidance and counselling to ensure the best outcome.
Table of contents
This will be made available once the thesis is done to ensure that headings and subheadings are accurately matched with their corresponding pages for quick reference and to make it easy reading through the thesis.
Endurance sports; History, forms and general discussion.
Trauma; History, types, causes and discussions.
Evidence of integration of endurance sports in dealing with trauma.
Thesis statement
Endurance sports play a vital role in healing of trauma by helping individuals to develop self-awareness, persistence, resilience and social-emotional skills among many other traits and behaviors that help in this process. These kinds of sports can be easily combined with other solutions to trauma such as psychoeducation and cognitive behavior therapy to strengthen the healing process and avoid relapse.
This research was meant to explore the theory of endurance training in relationship to healing of trauma, so qualitative methods were the most used given that statistical data was minimum. There were cases that had to be determined quantitatively, even though the broader part of the thesis used qualitative methods. In conclusion, a mixed method approach was used.
Specifically, the methods used were;
i) Surveys
ii) Questionnaires
iii) Interviews
iv) Case studies
v) Delphi method . – This is a topic on which views may be different, so I decided to include this method so as to address any controversies encountered when collecting information.
Preliminary results and discussion
Data collected and analyzed will be collected and discussed here before any conclusions are made. Results from quantitative methods including graphs and charts will be seen on this part.
Work plan
A Gantt chart will be made indicating how I planned my work schedule prior to writing my thesis.
Implications of research
This research will go a long way in changing the way trauma is addressed while encouraging people to participate in sporting activities whose importance has been greatly underestimated. My thesis will also encourage research on similar topics and encourage collaboration between sports and medicine fields for the benefit of the population. The data collected and analyzed will change the discussion on sports and mental health completely.
List of references
A list of the sources used in coming up with this thesis will be given here in detailed for reference by my research mentors and any other person that might be interested in referring to my thesis.


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Integration of endurance sports in wellness programs that seek to help in the healing of trauma .


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