Interface Analysis Paper

Interface Analysis Paper.



The role of affordances, design choices, and interfaces is a major theme in the first few weeks of class. This paper gives you an opportunity to take these concepts and apply them to a digital media object of your choice. Select the example you will analyze. You can choose a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; a messaging platform like WhatsApp?; or a console or mobile game such as Overwatch or Pokémon Go. Television and streaming services like Neflix or Hulu are not options for analysis. You should use the concepts discussed in class and in the readings to analyze the design and architecture of the interface.
Your paper should:
Briefly describe the object of analysis, including key elements of the interface.
Identify and discuss at least 2 characteristics of the interface (i.e., affordances) that you believe shape the way the user experiences the medium. What are the design choices that were made? What do they enable the user to do? What do they constrain?
Discuss how these affordances create or enforce norms through the patterns of use they encourage. Who is the presumed audience? What kinds of communication does the platform allow you to do? What does it make hard to do?
Use at least 3 of Baym’s 7 Key concepts to do this analysis. ( Baym. Chapter 1. “Introduction.” pgs. 1-23.)
Cite at least one reading from our syllabus other than the Baym. ( Norman. The Psychopathology of Everyday Things) **cite this one


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Interface Analysis Paper


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