International Expansion Recommendation

International Expansion Recommendation.



Watch the Week 6 Final Paper video above with Dr. Kevin Kuznia, Academic Department Chair.
Review the Walmart Case Study interactive below.
Review the current financial statements of Walmart.
Option 1: Yahoo! Finance (Links to an external site.) web page
Enter the stock symbol of Walmart, Inc. (WMT) in the search bar
Click on the “Financials” tab (URL:
Option 2: EDGAR | Company Filings (Links to an external site.) database (URL:
Enter “Walmart Inc.” in the search bar
In prior weeks, you learned about finance and financial analysis. This week you will put it all together. Using the
Walmart Case Study and your selected country, you will complete a comprehensive recommendation to
Walmart executives either recommending or forgoing expansion into your selected country.
In your paper,
Summarize the culture and financial climate of the country and why it would be favorable or unfavorable for
Walmart to expand in that region.
Describe your country’s foreign exchange rates and how those rates could impact Walmart’s future financial
performance. Be sure to address:
interest rates,
balance of payments,
government policies, and
other factors such as taxes and tariffs.
Describe how Walmart needs to manage foreign exchange risk.
Analyze any potential political risk and its impact to the financials.
Propose how Walmart should fund this new expansion.
tHE BOOK: Block, S. B., Hirt, G. A., & Danielsen, B. R. (2019). Foundations of financial management (17th
ed.). Retrieved from

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International Expansion Recommendation


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