International Organizations

International Organizations.

Assignments and Evaluations
POL203 – International Organizations
Spring 2021 – Capilano University
Paper #1 (20%)
You are to write an exploratory essay (1500 to 2000 words) that takes the following
 i. explains why one international organization ought to be reformed or replaced
ii. explains how this international organization could be reformed or replaced (what is
the alternative?)
iii. discusses the challenges that such a reform would face (what would be the
difficulty? who would be against it?)
 * A rubric outlining expectations will be made available on eLearn and will be
discussed in class.
Paper #2 (30%)
You are to write a research essay (2500 to 3000 words) that explains how one
international organization was involved in finding a solution to a problem within one
country or between two countries. Aside from explaining how and why the
international organization was involved in the issue, your essay should also evaluate
the effectiveness of the organization’s involvement. 
 * A rubric outlining expectations will be made available on eLearn and will be
discussed in class.
In-Class Exam (30%)
A final exam, covering key course content, will be written on the last day of our class.
Questions will be released via eLearn at 2:30 pm. Responses will need to be
submitted by 5:30 pm. More information on the final exam will be provided in the
lead up to the end of term.
Class Preparation (10%)
Due Each Monday by Noon (via Discussion Boards)
Each week, there will be an in-class activity that you will need to prepare for (ex. UN
simulation). Instructions for the next week’s activity will be provided both during and
immediately after (eLearn) Monday’s class. 
In most weeks, this will consist of posting two questions that will help guide our
virtual discussion. These could be either questions of clarification or questions to
provoke further thought and debate. As one important restriction, please be sure that
they are centred on the reading’s key themes. 
Participation (10%)
You will be evaluated on both your weekly attendance as well as your contributions to
our virtual discussions.  Discussion board posts will serve as an alternative for those
who are unable to make the weekly discussions.


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International Organizations


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