Intervention Theory

Intervention Theory.



1. Needs Assessment
a. Include the following on your target population:
i. Current prevalence of health indicators, behavioral factors, and/or other
risk factors in your proposed geographic area
ii. Current availability of preventive health services that address your health
iii. Relevant barriers in the service area that your program will address
iv. Current gaps in the availability/provision of services
2. Program Goals and Objectives
a. Draft at least one program goal for your health promotion program plan
b. Draft at least one process objective and two behavioral objectives for your
target population and program
c. Draft at least three learning objectives for your target population. Identify if
these objectives are knowledge, awareness, attitudes, or skill-based objectives.
d. Draft at least 1 outcome objective for your health promotion program
3. Intervention Theory
a. Choose an intervention theory/strategy to use as a framework for your plan.
b. Describe how the intervention theory will help you achieve your program goals
and objectives.
4. Community Organizing and Community Building
a. Identify resources, data, and/or challenges you may need along the way to help with your community organizing efforts for the following steps for community organizing and community building
i. Recognizing the issue
ii. Gaining entry into the community
iii. Organizing the people
iv. Assessing the community
v. Maintaining outcomes in the community




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Intervention Theory


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