Introduction to Government Contract Management

Introduction to Government Contract Management.

odule 1: Introduction to Government Contract Management and Module 2: Laws and Regulations

Important Instructions

  • You may take the exam no more than three times. After the third try, the exam will be locked, and your highest score will be factored into your average final grade. Remember that your average final grade must be 70% or greater to pass this course. This average is calculated by totaling your best score from each exam and dividing the total by the number of exams in this course.
  • When you click the Begin button below, you will be taken to the first question and the allotted time will begin to count down.
  • If you lose your Internet connection for any reason, simply reconnect to the Internet and re-enter to complete it.
    • This will count against your elapsed time.
  • If you are ready, click the Begin button now. If you are not ready, click the Cancel button now.
  • Once you have completed the exam and you are satisfied with your grade, you must accept your final grade.
  • To accept your grade, click the Course Menu drop-down menu, click Grades, and then click the Accept Grade button for this exam. You will then be able to review all questions and answers.
  • After each of the first two exam attempts, you are able to see the questions you answered incorrectly. Please download and read the post-test review instructions.

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Introduction to Government Contract Management


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