is cancer immunotherapy.

is cancer immunotherapy..

I’m studying and need help with an Immunology question to help me learn. The focus topic for week 4 is cancer immunotherapy. We have provided 3
very timely minireviews for you to summarize the state of cancer
immunotherapy at this time. It is a clinical area in great advancement
at this moment. Your assignment this week is to read the 3 minireviews, and then
pick solid tissue neoplasia of your choosing (examples: melanoma,
fibrosarcoma, mesothelioma, rhabdomyosarcoma, adenocarcinoma,
neuroblastoma, etc.). Using this tumor target, design two
immunotherapy-based treatments for the tumor, one which is a cell-based therapy and one which is an antibody-based therapy.
Again, our rule of thumb is one paragraph per question assigned, so we
are looking for about two paragraphs total for this assignment. Clarity
is key. Be sure to identify the specific target antigen in each therapy
your design, and a brief summary of how the therapy would be created
for the patient and administered to the patient. Finally, be certain to cite
any references you use in designing your therapy. Watch out for
plagiarism! Any more than a 3-4 word phrase without quotation marks is a
strict no-no! Make sure you are interpreting what you read and putting
it all in your own words.
Requirements: 600

is cancer immunotherapy.


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